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CommuniCare Case Studies

Dementia and personal care

Mr M contacted us as he needed personal care and support for his Dad, as he does not live locally and his Dad is finding it harder to look after himself and doing some the day to day activities, as sometimes he forgets how to take care of himself. It was important to consider his Dad's wishes as he wanted to remain independent and in his own home. After the initial consultation and agreeing the care plan, we started care. Our carers visit every day, 3 times a day, helping with getting out of bed in the morning and making breakfast, general domestic duties, spending time talking to him and helping with prompting medication. We also help Dad call his Son every week, for a chat.

We work closely with the family and keep them updated of any changes in 'Dads' health and well being.

Personal and social care

Mrs T is 80 years old and lives on her own, suffering with slight dementia and wanted the dignity and independence of living in her own home. We created a tailored care package for Mrs T, which allows her the flexibility to be supported and cared for in her own home, where our carers help with domestic duties, shopping, social time and preparing meals, along with taking her to medical appointments and social events. As a result of our service, Mrs T's family are happy knowing that their Mum has been checked and cared for throughout the day.

End of life care

Mrs R was recommended to us by Oldham Social Services for her end of life care. Working closely with our senior care team, we were quickly able to create a care plan sufficient and flexible enough to assist her with requirements. The key aspect for Mrs R was continuity of care and to remain in her own home. Our carers visited Mrs R, 4 times a day, to help keep her comfortable in bed by turning her to avoid pressure sores, emptying catheter, feeding and administering medication. For her family it gave them peace of mind knowing she was cared for and kept up to date with any changes. Mrs R looked forward to our carers visiting the family requested we also socially sit with her to keep her company.

Dementia care

We started caring for Mrs H over 2 years ago, she suffers with severe dementia. Working with her family and social services we have been able to help keep her independent, by remaining in her own home. Our carers have become like part of the family, as we visit every day we are able to see any changes in her mental health, enabling us to help assess her needs, keeping her family and social services updated, which allows her care plan to be changed accordingly. We now also spend social time with her, along with implementing a diary help her keep track of the days of the week and what time the carer was next with her.

Social care

Mrs D contacted us during a time when she was going into hospital for an operation and wanted respite and social care during her convalescent period. After talking to Mrs D and her family, we arranged risk assessment to understand her requirements, created her care plan and timings to suit.

Our carers provide personal and social care in assisting with cleaning, socialising, taking her out to places of her choice, weekly shopping, taking to hospital appointments if required, and catheter care. This has aided her recovery and the choice to stay at home, without having to go into respite. We have been able to be flexible around her care requirements when her family are not always available to help, with increasing the number of times we visit a day. Offering the whole family peace of mind.

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